Join the “I’m with Tony” campaign.

Tony Avella needs your help to change the way the City operates and ensure that every resident has a true voice in what happens in their neighborhood. Join us today!

You can help by:

Donating online or by mail

Individual donations of $10 to $175 are matchable under the City’s Campaign Finance program. In order to qualify for the program we need to raise $250,000 of matchable contributions. A donation of $175 helps us to get to that goal as soon as possible. You can of course donate more; but if you do, and your spouse/partner wants to donate as well, it is preferable to split the donation among the spouse/partner so that the campaign gets the maximum effect of the donation. If you have any questions, please email the campaign at

You can invite Tony to speak at an event or meeting in your community

You can copy the contribution form and share with others.

Remember this is your campaign for change. Your active participation will make our campaign a success.

You can volunteer to be a part of the campaign.

join the campaign today.